Model BP510 constant flow water fountain for poultry.
Requires water supply line & drain line 
"NO" Maintenance
Virtually freeze proof
Water stingy, for low operating cost. 

What makes the Britton model 510 so freeze resistant? 

(1) The vertical supply line, (pipe inside a pipe) provides a dead air space insulator around the inside tube that actually carries the water. 

(2)The small inside diameter of the inside tube greatly increases the velocity of the water to the fountain bowl.

(3) The pipe inside a pipe vertical supply line is inside the drain line protecting the supply line from the wind chill.  

(4) The below grade drain pipe contains warmer air. This warmer air rises up into 
the body of the fountain.  

(5) The spewing of water from the valve into the fountain bowl creates a constant turbulence inside the fountain bowl. 

With a flow rate of 3 gallons per hour water is delivered from 10" below grade to the fountain bowl and overflows back into the drain in under 6 seconds. What temperature would be required to freeze fast moving water in less than 6 seconds? 

We don't know either!  

Operating cost of the Model BP510 supplied by a well. 

Based on a well 150 ft. deep, with a well pump 90% efficient 
and 10.7 cents per KWH the cost of operation of the Model 510 is:  

1 gallon per hour flow rate = $.19 cents per month operating cost.
3 gallons per hour flow rate = $.57 cents per month operating cost.

Your operating cost will vary depending on the depth of your well, the efficiency 
of your well pump and your cost of electricity.      

If you are supplied by municipal water your operating cost will likely increase 
substantially. For your monthly operating cost multiply the gallons per hour you intend to use x 720 hours per month x your per gallon rate you pay.   

If you are supplied by municipal water and your water cost is high 
consider the model BP509 which uses only what your chickens drink and has a more fixed operating cost of approximately .40 cents per month.   
Patents pending. 
Shown above is the vertical supply line inside the Model 510. The vertical supply line 
is a pipe inside a pipe. The margin between the two pipes is sealed at both ends to create a dead air space insulator. The much smaller inside diameter of the inside pipe dramatically increases the velocity of the water. This moves the water much faster giving it less time exposed to colder above grade temperatures.    
The Britton Model 510 provides a readily available unlimited supply of clean water 
which is important to the health of your chickens and their egg production. 

The cost of the Model BP510 is only $39.00 
An inexpensive, simple to use, but very accurate flow rate calibration tube is supplied with each Model 510.  
Your lanyard with your calibration tube and valve adjustment handle. We suggest you hang it somewhere near your water fountain and out of reach of your feathered thieves.  
​Vertical supply line / Minnesota Tube