Model BP509 automatic water fountain for poultry.
Requires 110V and water supply line
Very low maintenance
15 minutes to clean monthly 

Britton Farm Products LLC
30 Oak Leaf Dr. 
Trenton, Tn.  38382 
 Install a Britton and never water chickens again!. 
On the morning of January 8th, 2015 after overnight temperatures 
of 4°f and a wind chill factor of -5°f  the model 509 continued to 
operate normally with no freeze up.  

What makes our Model BP509 so freeze resistant? 

Three things. 

(1) The water reservoir is below grade where the ground is warmer. 

(2) The water in the reservoir cools the pump so the pump transfers a 
       small amount of heat into the water. 

(3) The water is in constant motion, flowing through the fountain bowl 
       at 1 Gal. per minute using only 5 watts of electricity.   

     Using the national average cost of electricity of 10.7 cents per kilowatt hour our poultry water fountain cost .39 cents per month to operate. 
The model BP509 poultry water fountain has been extensively tested to insure dependability. It is a very freeze resistant automatic poultry water fountain. It has a female NPT supply line port in the bottom for line pressure hook up. A float valve inside the tank maintains a constant below grade water level. An inline screen filter keeps the float valve trouble free. The inline screen filter can be removed and cleaned or replaced. Both the fountain pump and the float valve are inexpensive to replace. The model BP509 will easily serve up to 50 chickens. It normally cost less than 40 cents per month to operate and wastes no water at all. This is a quality product meant to last for many years. It's well worth the time and money spent to install for your chickens. 
The payback in labor savings can be a matter of weeks. 

The cost of the model BP509 is only $79.00  
Patents pending.