Model BP509 automatic water fountain for poultry.
Requires 110V and water supply line
      $79.00                           Very low maintenance
15 minutes to clean monthly 
Freeze resistant
Very low fixed operating cost 

Britton Farm Products LLC
30 Oak Leaf Dr. 
Trenton, Tn.  38382 
 Install a Britton and never water chickens again!. 
Model BP510 constant flow water fountain for poultry.
Requires water supply line & drain line 
      $39.00                               "NO" Maintenance
Virtually freeze proof
Water stingy, (as low as 1 Gallon per hour) 
Low operating cost. 
The Model BP510 is likely your best choice if you're supplied by well water. 
The Model BP509 is likely your best choice if you're supplied by municipal water. 

You have found the way to forever end the daily, messy, chore of watering chickens. 

Considering the time you spend each month dealing with watering your chickens the 
payback of installing a Britton is a matter of weeks rather than months or years. 

Once installed a Britton will water your chickens for you 24hrs. a day, 365 days a year. Our insulated and freeze-proof chicken waterer will keep a constant flow water supply for your chickens in the winter months.

The model BP510 requires no maintenance, has no moving parts to fail, 
and has operated in sub "0" wind chills.  

Made in U.S.A. 
Freeze resistant in extreme temperatures, maintenance free, 
fully automatic water fountain for poultry.   
Patent Pending
Patent Pending